GfL - Gesellschaft für Lebensmittel-Forschung mbH



our analysis scope

GfL is a private counselling and service company which is autonomously and independently active for the entire food industry.  Legal requirements on quality and security of food and the obligation for executive care of the producer are growing. Fast, qualified analyses and capable consultancy is what we provide.


Adulterations exists in every
business. Unfair competition
in global markets is
as up to date than ever.
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nutritional analysis
Vitamins and secondary plant
What else is there in the list
of ingredients?
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May be defined as conformance
to requirements.
But how can that be measured?


Alicyclobacillus, pathogens,
identification and metabolites
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residues and contaminants
"All substances are poisons; there is
none which is not a poison. The right
dose differentiates a poison and a
Paracelsus (1493–1541)
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dioxin and dl-PCB
more efficient via Bioassay
acc. EG VO 252/2012
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